Welcome to TOSA Pool

It is our goal to keep the TOSA Pool at Hoyt Park open as much as possible but Wisconsin’s unpredictable weather can thwart the best-laid summer plans.  Before you grab your TOSA Tumbler and sunblock; check our website, visit our Facebook page or call 302-9148 on days when the weather is questionable to see if the pool is open.

Daily admission is $8.00 per session.  (Open Swim, Evening Swim and Parent/Tot).  Ages 2 and under are free.


TOSA Pool offers both swim reservation sessions and walk-up, no reservations required swim sessions.  To help plan your visit, CLICK HERE.  To reserve a spot at one of our reserved sessions.  CLICK HERE FOR OUR RESERVATION PAGE



Fountain drinks – $3.00
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Root Beer, Lemonade, Sierra Mist, Orange Crush, Brisk Iced Tea

Sports Drinks – $2.75

Juice -$1.50

Bottled Water – $2.00

Valentine Coffee – $2.00

Slush Puppie – $2.50
Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, 100% Fruit Slush Puppie

TOSA Tumbler Mug – $6.00

TOSA Tumbler Refills – $1.00
Refills on fountain drinks and coffee only


Slice: Cheese or Pepperoni

Brat – $4.00

Hot Dog -$3.50

Giant Pretzel – $3.00
Cheese Sauce – $1.00

Nachos With Cheese – $3.50
Jalapenos Available Upon Request

Popcorn Reg – $2.00
Popcorn Family – $3.00

Chips & Snacks – $1.75
Doritos, Potato Chips

PB&J Uncrustables – $2.50

Fresh Subs made daily by Bunzel’s – $5.00
Ham & Provolone, Turkey & Provolone, Veggie

Hummus With Pretzels Cup – $4.00


Cedar Crest Ice Cream

3 oz. Cups – $1

Vanilla, Chocolate Malt, Blue Moon, Mint N’ Fudge, Orange and Vanilla, Strawberry Sundae, Chocolate Sundae

Pete’s Pops Hand Made Popsicles – $4.00

Novelty Ice Cream – $2.75
Push-up, Snickers, Choco Taco, Ice Cream Sandwich, Frozen Lemonade


All Candy – $2.00
Swedish Fish, Reese’s Frozen, Kit Kat Frozen


Combo Meals

Combo #1 – Choice of Brat or Hot dog, bag of chips, and fountain drink – $7.50

Combo #2 – Choice of Bunzel’s Sub Sandwich, bag of chips, and fountain drink – $9.00

Combo #3 – Slice of Palermo’s Pizza, choice of fountain drink or Slush Puppie – $6.00