Pool Rules

Pool Closure Policy

It is our goal to keep the TOSA Pool at Hoyt Park open as much as possible but Wisconsin’s unpredictable weather can thwart the best-laid summer plans.  Before you grab your TOSA Tumbler and sunblock; check our website, visit our Facebook page or call 414-302-9160 on days when the weather is questionable to see if the pool is open.

The management of the TOSA Pool at Hoyt Park reserves the right to close the pool in cases of inclement weather, low air temperature, light bather load, emergency situations, sanitation closings or mechanical, and chemical failures. Refunds will not be issued for weather-related or light bather load closures.

Facility Mission and Conduct Policy

  • This is a family- friendly facility for the entire general public to enjoy. Inappropriate language, dress or behavior is prohibited. Inappropriate language, dress or behavior includes any word, gesture, clothing, or tattoo that would be offensive to anyone else either working at, or using, the facility, or which disrupts anyone else’s pleasant, safe or family oriented recreational experience.
  • All patrons and guests shall demonstrate respect toward all other patrons, guests and staff.
  • All patrons and guests shall use this facility, its equipment, and supplies in an appropriate manner.
  • For the safety and protection of all patrons and guests, interactions with lifeguards and staff shall be limited to pool related matters.
  • Refunds are not given for inclement weather or ejections.
  • Appropriate swimwear is required.  Leotards, cutoffs, street clothes or colored T-shirts are not permitted in the pool
  • This is a smoke-free facility, including e-cigarettes.
  • FOHPP reserves the right to remove anyone for failing to obey the rules or instructions, either verbal or written, or for engaging in any behavior that FOHPP determines, in its sole discretion:  disrupts or threatens to disrupt other patrons’ or guests’ use or enjoyment of the facility or equipment;  is dangerous to any patron or guest, including, but not limited to, the patron or guest undertaking such behavior; or may cause damage to the facility, its equipment and supplies, from the pool and premises.  Repeated infractions could result in permanent loss of facility privileges.

Supervision Guidelines

Daytime Swim

  • One adult (18 yrs or older) to 2 children age 4 and younger.
  • One adult (18 yrs or older) to 4 children ages 5-6.
  • One chaperone (16 yrs or older) to 4 children age 7-10.
  • Children age 11 and older may attend without a chaperone.

Evening Swim

  • One adult (21 yrs or older) to 2 children age 4 and younger.
  • One adult (21 yrs or older) to 4 children/youth ages 5-17.

Non-swimmers in deeper areas

  • In the 3-foot-6-inch Giant Slide plunge area, an adult may have up to 2 children who are non-swimmers within arm’s reach
  • In the area with depths 3 feet 6 inches to 8 feet, an adult may have 1 child under age 12 who is a non-swimmer within arm’s reach
Parent/Tot swim
  • Parent tot swim is for children 6 and under in the zero depth area only. 
  • Play structure is for children 48” and under.

TOSA Pool Rules

      • Do not enter the pool if you have a communicable disease or an open cut.
      • Do not bring food, drink, gum, e-cigarettes or tobacco into the pool.
      • Shower before entering the pool and after use of the toilet facilities.
      • No horseplay, such as running, pushing, dunking, throwing others, snapping towels, rough play, etc.
      • Diaper changing on the pool deck is prohibited.
      • Children who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper. (Swim diapers available for purchase at admissions office).
      • Glass and shatter-able items are prohibited in the pool area.
      • Non-swimmers may only use the shallow roped-off areas of the pool.
      • Long hair must be secured in a ponytail or braid.
      • Only Coast-Guard approved floating jackets are allowed in the pool.
      • Do not bring animals into the pool area.
      • Children must be at least 48” tall to use the giant water slide.
      • Tot Play Structure for children under 48” tall.
      • Sand Play Area for children age 10 and under.
      • Deck and lounge chairs must stay on deck
      • No outside food or drink allowed.
      • Shatterproof water bottles and baby food containers are permitted
      • No balls, swim masks, fins, snorkels, tubes, or toys of any kind are allowed in the pool during open swim hours.  Swimmer’s goggles are allowed.
      • No private swim lessons permitted. The TOSA Pool is for the general swimming enjoyment of all patrons.
      • No coolers, tents or umbrellas permitted.
      • 15 minute afternoon safety breaks announced as needed.

Swim Test requirements

The swimmer must be able to swim approximately 30 feet out AND back performing the front crawl, getting their whole arm out of the water with each stroke. A swimmer may fail the swim test if they push off the bottom of the pool, do not consistently get their arms out of the water, do not swim the proper length, cannot swim in a straight line (they don’t know what direction they are swimming), cannot complete the test in a timely manner, or has not shown sufficient skill to enter deep water. The swim test must be performed without the aid of goggles, a life-vest, or another person.

Swim test required for patrons and guests under age 21 to use the diving boards, Aquaclimb climbing wall with 48″ minimum height, and Aflex inflatable obstacle course. with 42″ minimum height.

CLICK HERE to see an overview of the swim test and a map of the restricted area of the pool.


COVID-19 Warning & TOSA POOL Requirements

  • The danger of exposure to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 exists.
  • Minors should be supervised in pool area.
  • By entering the pool and related facilities, you are taking responsibility for your own protection.
  • It is highly recommended that you wash your hands with soap and water frequently.
  • Do not use the pool if you have a cough, fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 or GI tract symptoms including nausea, vomiting or diarrhea in the past two weeks.
  • Please follow current CDC guidelines when it comes to the wearing of masks, social distancing and gathering in groups.
  • Seating cannot be moved, and carry-in seating is not permitted.
  • Bring your own lock for lockers on deck; coin-operated lockers are not available.
  • No returns or exchanges on any merchandise and all sales are final.
  • Gather your belongings at the end of each swim session; we maintain a lost and found for valuables only.
  • Additional TOSA Pool rules available at friendsofhoytpark.org/pool-rules  
  • Following Wauwatosa Health Department Safe Practice Guidelines

TOSA Pool exceeds state and local standards for testing and maintenance of our pool water and facilities.

All rules are subject to change and interpretation by FOHPP Management.