Lap Lanes

Lap swimming is a popular activity at the TOSA Pool at Hoyt Park.
Members can enjoy early morning lap swimming beginning at 5:30 AM on weekdays and 7 AM on weekends and holidays.

Lap Swim Guidelines for TOSA Pool

* TOSA Pool lap lanes are 25 yards long. 1 mile is 70.4 lengths or 35.2 laps. *
Swimmers arriving at the TOSA Pool for lap swim should observe the following:

  • Spend a minute observing and roughly timing the pace of swimmers already in the pool.
  • Select a lane with swimmers similar in speed to your workout pace:
    • slower, recreational lane(s) closest to the inside pool wall near giant slide, and
    • faster lane(s) moving out towards pool wall nearest pool fence.

It is the responsibility of the swimmer entering a lane to inform all swimmers in that lane of their desire to change format (i.e.: split or circle swim). Be patient!

In order to catch the attention of the swimmer already in the lane, sit by the pool edge or stand in the corner of the lane. Even if there is only one swimmer in the lane, please notify the swimmer of your intention to share the lane, again asking if circle or split lane swim is preferred.

Entering swimmers should allow incumbents a few laps before expecting them to stop. Incumbent swimmers have the initial right-of-way, but not the right to own the lane for a workout.

Children ages 11 and older who have passed the current season swim test, have been assigned a password, and are able to swim continuous laps, are permitted in the lap lane area of the pool. Please respect the variety of skill level we have in lap swim members and guests at TOSA Pool! Be courteous and respectful as this is a recreational facility for all to enjoy.

Revised 5.29.19

Number of lanes available may change due to scheduling of swim classes.

  • 8 lap lanes will generally be available on Fridays from 5:30 AM – 11am if swim classes do not have weather make-up day.
  • During open swim hours, 2 lap lanes will generally be open unless high capacity warrants removing lap lanes for larger swim area.
  • 15 minute afternoon safety breaks will be announced as needed at 1pm, 3pm and/or 4pm
  • Please call (414) 302-9160 to find out if the pool is closed due to weather conditions.