We partner with the Wauwatosa Recreation Department to offer swimming lessons and adult exercise programs at TOSA Pool at Hoyt Park. Please visit the Recreation Department’s website to sign up for 2022 summer programming. Registration for swimming lessons begins April 19 for High Demand classes, and April 28 for nonresidents. Please see the information below from the Wauwatosa Recreation Department on swimming lessons at TOSA Pool.

Wauwatosa Recreation Programming at TOSA Pool at Hoyt Park

Lessons will be canceled when TOSA Pool Guard Staff deems it appropriate to close the pool. It is rare that the pool will be closed. Criteria for closing the pool include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Lightning. If lightning is sighted by TOSA Pool Guard Staff, lessons taking place at that time will be canceled. The decision to re-open the pool will be made by  TOSA Pool Guard Staff once the threat of lightning or severe weather has passed. Point of reference: lessons will resume approximately 30 minutes after the last sight of lightning.
  2. Contamination of the pool.
  3. Mechanical or facility issues.

Rain is not an indicator that the pool is closed. However, the pool may be closed for a period of time if it is heavily raining.

Please keep in mind that weather can be unpredictable and can change quickly. The Wauwatosa Recreation Department will not have up-to-date information regarding the status of lessons. Participants may need to report to TOSA Pool to check on possible closure. If the ‘Pool Closed’ sign on the main sign is in use, lessons at that current lesson time have been canceled, though following lessons may still take place.  This sign is located outside the pool entrance near the parking lot and playground.

Although TOSA Pool is heated, the pool temperature may fluctuate due to weather conditions. Come prepared for cooler weather with extra towels and clothes as needed.

TOSA Pool Crew will put the ‘Closed’ sign up on the main sign. Tosa Rec swim instructors will stay throughout the session. If the last lesson is a no-go, they will leave at the start of the last lessons.

If you have any questions about swimming lessons offered by Wauwatosa Recreation Department at TOSA Pool, please contact the Wauwatosa School District – Recreation Department at 414-773-2900 or